Northern Soul App Is now in Beta Release (please bear this in mind as content is added and updated)
Northern Soul AppIs now in Beta Release (please bear this in mind as content is added and updated)

Northern Soul App

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An ongoing project of love for the music, artisits, DJ's, events

and people of the scene gone by, current and to come.


"Our aim is to provide and preserve the memories of the past on a platform for the future"



Music * Books * Magazines * Records * DVD & Films * Events * 

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Wigan Casino + Blackpoool Mecca + Torch + Twisted Wheel

and worldwide venues

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Passing seasons over fade away
Into misty clouds of autumn grey 
As I sit here looking at the street
Little figures quickly moving feet

I'm just a pebble on the beach and I
Sit and wonder why
Little people running around
Never knowing why 

Life is just a precious minute baby
Open up your eyes and see it baby 
Give yourself a better chance
Because time will pass you 
Right on by (right on by)

This big old world is spinning like a top
Come and help me now and make it stop
All you have to do is live for now
Come along with me I'll show you how

Take my hand I'll show you how to live
Why wait until tomorrow?
Take my hand I'll lead the way
To a brighter day

(Don't let it pass you baby) time
Time is gonna pass you by so quickly
And it wait's for no man
No no Oh baby 

(Don't let it pass you baby)
Don't let it pass you
Don't let it pass you
Don't let it don't let it

Northern Soul App

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